Intervention is best described as the experience of surrounding a loved one with support and encouragement from those who love them most. The goal is to help them accept treatment as well as begin the journey of recovery. We want that person to become aware of the ways in which their problem is affecting others, themselves and their future. But just as importantly, we want your loved one to know how much they are loved, missed and valued as an important member of your family and an important person in your life. Hopefully, with a new understanding, the person will choose to accept the gift and opportunity of treatment to help them begin the journey of recovery.

Full Life Counseling believes that it’s best to intervene with love and respect. This helps the person preserve their dignity while still encouraging them to choose health and recovery.

Our lead interventionist is Ginny Mills, Founder and Clinical Director for Full Life. Ginny has been successfully guiding family teams through the Love First-model of intervention since 2009 and has over 30 years of experience in the field of addiction, recovery and behavioral health. Ginny has successfully shepherded over 100 families through intervention with 93% choosing admission. She is as gentle as she can be and as respectfully firm as she must be to achieve the desired results of successful admission to treatment. She’s equally clear in encouraging ongoing engagement by family members for the best possible outcome.

Ginny will walk you through the process of deciding if intervention is right for your family and, if so, through every step of the process including:

  • Deciding who needs to be a part of your intervention team
  • Choosing 1-2 treatment programs that are right for your loved one
  • Developing a solid plan for preparing for and guiding your team through the intervention meeting with your loved one,
  • Facilitating the actual admission of your loved one through the admissions process, and
  • Helping your family know how to proceed with supporting your loved one’s recovery (and your own) in the weeks and months to come.

While intervention does require intense planning, the process can be completed within 7-21 days of the initial inquiry phone call.

The following documents that can be helpful in preparing for an intervention:

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