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At Full Life, we won’t be judging you. We’ll be listening.

We specialize in helping individuals and families find out if help is needed for problems related to alcohol or other drug use, and if so, what to do next.

We help people make changes in hopes of avoiding addiction. We help those who need recovery get started and sustain it. If sustaining recovery turned out to be harder than they thought, we hang in there with hope, guidance, support and community.

We never underestimate the power of the disease, but we also believe that it is never too late to experience a full life in recovery. Support from both professionals and others in recovery helps to improve the likelihood of experiencing sustainable, long-term recovery.

Ginny Mills


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Hope, Guidance, Support, Community



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We know that...

it takes courage for you to answer questions and to get honest about your use of alcohol or other drugs ~ mostly because you don’t want there to be a problem. We understand that no one plans for using to get out of control or cause problems, and that no one wants to need help. But addiction is sneaky. It can creep up on you, despite your best intentions. That’s why we say addiction is “cunning, powerful and baffling.”

We help people who are worried about their use or someone else’s. We help those who don’t think they need help and those who are certain they do. But we don’t help everyone the same way because everyone is different. Full Life counselors listen to assess if there is a problem or not, and if so, how we can help.

Meet Our Addiction Specialists

Ginny H. Mills, MAEd, LCMHC-S, LCAS, CCS, CEO

It has been my privilege for 30+ years to walk with individuals and families affected by drug use – their own or that of someone they love. Although I'm credentialed as an "addiction specialist," a better description of me would be "hope specialist." I help frustrated, exhausted, and terrified parents find answers and hope, despite watching their children spiral downward because of drug use. They know that nothing else is working, but they refuse to give up. I work collaboratively with parents while also educating, equipping, and inspiring parents to respond wisely (rather than to react instinctively) to their drug-using son or daughter.

Jimmy Tunstall, MA, LCMHC, CADC, CBST

I feel passionate about helping you create the life you want. As a person in long-term recovery from addiction, my focus is helping you identify and resolve the blocks that may stand between you and your goals. I understand the challenges you face when coming to terms with your addiction and I am dedicated to helping people like you find a better way to live.

Anna Fleig, MDiv, MA, LCMHC, LCAS-A, CST

Have you ever felt like you weren’t being heard? That others don’t really understand what you are going through? Or perhaps they do listen, only to give you unsolicited advice in an attempt to be helpful. As a person who has created change in my own life through the benefit of counseling, I know how important it is for someone to truly listen and help you discover choices that work best for you and your loved ones.

Leigh Zick Dongre, PhD, LCMHC, LCAS - Clinical Director

The path to living more fully is an adventure, one I believe has transformed my own life. Each day I am honored and privileged to join people along a path of recovery, self-exploration, and healing. I have helped people break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back in life. My role as your counselor is to be a knowledgeable, genuine, and empathetic guide along this journey and provide a safe and supportive environment to do so. I strive to help people live their best lives, by reaching more authenticity and self-awareness, and making behavioral changes.

David Spillman, CADC

One of the most important choices I have made in life was to surrender the fight with addiction and ask for help. With support from my wife, family, friends, and employers, I went to a 28-day treatment center. With renewed hope, reduced guilt and shame, and a defined program of action, my life slowly began to change for the better. My health, marriage, career, finances, spirituality, and joy improved.

Charlie Lawson, Client Services Representative & Recovery Coach

At Full Life Counseling, I serve as both the Client Services Representative and as a Recovery Coach. In my first role, I work to match individuals with counselors on our team who will be a good fit for their needs. I also help guide them to resources in the Winston-Salem, NC and the surrounding areas. I handle all scheduling in office and am the person to call if you have any questions about our services, need directions, etc. In my second role, I work with people in shaping and growing their life in recovery.

Britta Starke, MSW, LCSW, LCAS, CCS

Welcome to Full Life Counseling and to a journey for which I hope you find worth taking. My name is Britta Starke. I have had the pleasure of being in the behavioral health field for 25 years. I have worked with people of all ages from 6 – 80 years young. I have spent the last 13 years working with folks ages 14 and up.

Marlena L. Del Hierro, MDiv, MA, LCMHC

I am a staff counselor here at Full Life Counseling & Recovery who focuses on forward movement and wellbeing. I take a neuroscientific approach to counseling which means I use a set of therapeutic practices and evidence-based techniques that help you rewire your brain so that you can feel more free, confident, and peaceful.

Lauren Byrd, MA, LCMHC-A

My goal as a counselor is to offer support, unconditional positive regard, and genuineness. I believe we all have the answers we need within ourselves, and I hope that through our work together, you can find your answers. For me, counseling is about empowerment and helping my clients find their inner power.

Angel Joel, MA, LCMHC-A, LCAS-A, NCC

We each have our stories that inform who we have become, who we are, and who we aim to be. As I accompany you on your journey of self-discovery, I use a narrative, mindfulness, and strengths-based approach. I am also trauma-informed. You are the author of your story and I help you write it.

Brittany Corcoran, LCMHC

Hey. I’m Brittany Corcoran, a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and a person who believes in the core resiliency, power, and goodness of humankind. Practicing at Full Life is a sort of homecoming for me. While earning my Masters in Counseling at Wake Forest University...

Sara Bailey, PhD, LCMHC-A

Stories are powerful. As a counselor, I believe that the stories we tell ourselves are the most powerful of all. My greatest privilege is to journey with my clients as they share their stories with me, sometimes speaking them aloud for the very first time, in the sacred space of the therapeutic counseling relationship.

Siedah Miller, MA, LCMHC-A

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” Albert Camus

This quote harnesses the foundation of my therapeutic process. I believe within us; we encompass exactly what we need to thrive while accomplishing our deepest desires. Through developing healthy coping skills and challenging cognitive distortions, I believe anything can be attained.



I specialize in guiding individuals, families, and caregivers through unique obstacles toward self-discovery and recovery. My passion lies in helping people uncover their inner strengths and achieve their recovery goals with confidence.

The journey begins with you taking the first step, then a Full Life counselor walks with you – sometimes leading, sometimes following, sometimes beside you – but confidently with you on the journey.

About Our Practice

In addition to substance use and recovery-related services, Full Life offers counseling for issues as diverse as anxiety, depression, sexuality, spirituality, grief, life transitions, and marital and couples challenges. Clinicians use a variety of techniques to address these, including, but not limited to EMDR, brainspotting, equine-assisted psychotherapy, somatic experiencing, ExRP,  Internal Family Systems, and DBT. Other staff additions have allowed us to broaden our scope to provide care for those seeking a deeper spiritual life, healing and connections in the area of sexuality in recovery, chronic pain and trauma work.

Fees & Insurance

Clinical staff bill according to their credentials and experience using a tier system. Please review the Fee Schedule and/or Staff pages for more information. Some counselors’ services may be eligible for insurance reimbursement, while others’ services are not reimbursable. This information is also posted in the Full Life lobby.

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