Reneé Colclough Hinson, Psychologist, Ph.D.

Congratulations! You took the first – hardest step – in feeling better. You realized there is help available – and you are taking steps to get some of that support for yourself. Finding the right therapist for you is the next task. Allow me to introduce myself, to see if I might be that person for you.

My name is Reneé Colclough Hinson. I have been practicing psychology for about 25 years now, always to help others on a healing journey. Addressing such issues of identity-in-relation, self-worth, finding one’s voice and learning to care for self, I strive to provide clients a safe place to be (without judgment) – which (ironically) is precisely then the best starting place from which to change.

For some clients, it is important to better understand why they are this way? (Here, my Jungian depth psychology background is most instructive.) Other clients don’t care so much about why they are this way – they just want concrete skills and strategies for getting better. For this (more immediate) relief, my use of DBT techniques/skills works best.

I earned my BA in psychology (Wake Forest University), a master’s degree in counseling (Wake Forest University), as well as second master’s degree and Ph.D. – both clinical psychology (St. Louis University). I did all that to be able to teach at the college level, and to serve others as a comprehensively trained counselor/clinical psychologist. I have retired from teaching and managing non-profits to devote my time, energy and passion now that I find myself practicing psychology as a “seasoned professional.” Let’s talk to see if I might help you.

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