Marlena L. Del Hierro, MDiv, MA, LCMHC, LCAS-A

I am an optimist, and I carry hope for you and with you because I know that life can and does get better. I believe in a greater meaning of life and am open to all forms of spirituality (or none), which for some, helps in the counseling process. I believe you have a distinctive purpose and life path. I am interested in discovering your heart’s deepest desire and encouraging you to live into it courageously. We can work together to help you take steps that align with your desires, values, and what you believe will help you be happier and more whole.

While I work with all types of folks, my emphasis in counseling is on working with people suffering from addiction, trauma, feeling stuck, or high-sensitivity. Sometimes the search for a solution is misdirected towards pathways that are self-destructive. However, addiction and other compulsive behaviors can be tools that urge you to make change and seek healthier choices, because the alternative is so painful.

I hold master’s degrees in counseling and divinity from Wake Forest University. I am trained in EMDR and tend to be solution-focused, drawing on elements of existentialism while maintaining a person-centered approach. I am bilingual in Spanish and grew up in a bi-cultural home but choose English as my primary language in counseling sessions. I’ve worked as a chaplain resident, former military civilian, returned Peace Corps Volunteer, and ex-nomad, while also being a writer and life-long lover of dance and the ocean.

I feel honored to join with you on your journey of transformation.

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