What it means for your psychiatric provider to really get to know you...

When we meet with you for the first time, we want to listen well enough to understand your experience, your symptoms, and your needs. 

First appointments are more expensive because we take longer to listen, ask questions, answer yours, and find out what other solutions you’ve already explored.

We admit that we’re pretty partial to therapy as an essential ingredient to getting well. If you just want a pill, we may not be the best place for you. On the other hand, if you have a therapist or can accept a referral to a great one, we’ll do our best to collaborate with them to help you get the best possible support. 

We want to learn from those you’ve already been working with, like your primary care doctor, therapist, OB, or whoever you identify as “on your team.” Because we know that “working together works better,” in sports, in business, in getting well, in staying well, and in life.

We can contrast mindfulness with rigidly clinging to the present moment as if we could keep a present moment from changing if we cling hard enough. When we are mindful, we are open to the fluidity of each moment as it arises and falls away.
Marsha Linehan

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