IOP Group Detail

Rehab Review
One (1) psychoeducational lesson each week to reinforce for you some key concepts you’ve probably learned before in previous experience but that are worthy of repetition.
Relapse Prevention
Two (2) discussion each week to help you recognize your own personal relapse warning signs, increase your awareness of those signs, and help you develop and apply personal recovery solutions for managing those circumstances when they inevitably occur. All relapse prevention groups incorporate Gorski-CENAPS-model strategies.
Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills
One (1) DBT skills lesson each week to help you increase your ability to tolerate distress, regulate emotions, interact in healthy ways in relationships, and practice mindfulness. (Note: Lots of IOP clients appreciate these skills so much that they transition into the 6-month Comprehensive DBT Skills group after graduating from IOP because they appreciation the value of DBT skills in recovery.)
Meditation & Mindfulness
One (1) session each week for you to have instruction, guidance and practice of meditation and mindfulness skills as complements to your other recovery tools. This can include incorporating use of the Muse mini-neurofeedback device to provide you real-time feedback on the effectiveness of your meditation practice.
Recovery Journaling
One (1) session each week to practice and process responsive journaling around topics such as Honesty, Openness, Willingness, Powerlessness, etc. You will be encouraged to incorporate daily journaling into your home recovery practice as you get more comfortable with the practice in group.
Recovery Practice Reinforcement
Three (3) discussions each week to challenge you to strengthen their engagement in mutual support group activities so that, when you graduate from IOP, you’ll have a solid recovery support network and a true sense of belonging in the recovery community.

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