Fees & Insurance for Groups

Full Life chooses to apply a simple, affordable model for groups in hopes of encouraging engagement. Groups are invoiced on the day after group and typically charged to the credit/debit/HSA/FSA card on file.

Rates for groups are listed with the group descriptions and are summarized as follows: 

  • 90-minute groups such as Discovery Group – $65/session
  • 120-minute groups such as Professional Relapse Prevention Groups – $75/session

Some groups are included in CBHA policy overage while others are not. To verify, please check with Charlie or Allison to confirm if the group is facilitated by a CBHA-credential clinician. 

All groups are eligible for coverage from out-of-network benefits, but clients are responsible for filing self-claims with their insurance company. Full Life provides “superbills” to assist with that process. “Superbills” is really an unfortunate term that is often misunderstood. A superbill is not a bill or a receipt for having paid for a service, although a superbill does confirm that amount charged and the amount paid. More importantly, a superbill provides necessary service, diagnostic, location, billing, clinician and business codes required to process a claim. Our office manager provides superbills upon request to assist you with the self-claim form process, and links to some of the more popular insurance companies can be accessed here

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