How will counseling help me?

Counseling starts with exploring what has brought you into counseling and what you would like to be different. It may be that the change that will be most healing and helpful is acceptance oriented. But it might be that changes in your life circumstances are needed. One size does not fit all. Rather, our goal is to help you increase your understanding of yourself, your life, your skills and talents, and to increase your ability to make the changes to do more than just survive but to thrive — to live YOUR full life!

Please call the office for more information or if you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our counselors. Start the journey of a Full Life!

Counseling techniques are adapted to your needs and consistent with the training of your counselor. Techniques are focused on affective (feelings), cognitive (thinking), behavioral (actions) and systemic (overall patterns) strategies that are built on knowledge and training in human growth and development. The National Institute of Mental Health is a great resource to better your understanding and learn about current research in the field. The National Alliance on Mental Illness has put together some easy to understand information if you’re interested in learning more about mental and emotional wellness.

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