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Free & Low Cost Services

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Free & Low Cost Services

Full Life offers a few services completely for free and others for a low cost. These services are available to anyone from the community, not just Full Life clients and their families. In fact, services such as these are enriched by having a variety of participants from all walks of life. We simply ask that all those who participate are deliberate in honoring the basic guidelines of all support groups: 


  • Honor the confidentiality of those you meet and the stories they share
  • Respect each other in word and deed
  • Respect and care for our spaces and belongings as if gathering in your grandmother’s home

We understand that parents are longing for information, understanding, guidance, and hope. Parent-to-Parent is a Full Life facilitated meeting on Zoom. Call Cristina Mounts at Full Life (336-923-7426, ext. 709) to get Zoom ID information.

Parent-to-Parent offers a safe space to get support, but equally important, it is a safe place to learn and ask questions. Parenting can and should be adjusted in response to substance use, but parents struggle to understand substance use, how it starts, how it gets out of control, what it is like for our children, and what part parents play in getting them help. Families who are affected by a son’s or daughter’s use of drugs or alcohol often find themselves increasingly isolated and alone in their frustration, confusion and fear. Instead of reaching out, they often hunker down. While we definitely encourage parents to also participate in 12-step family supports like Nar-Anon and Al-Anon, Parent-to-Parent is deliberately different. Each week there is a lesson with discussion, followed by a time for sharing our lamentations, celebrations and needs for perspective. Parent-to-Parent is always free and always facilitated by Ginny Mills or one of our Full Life addiction specialists.

Low Cost Services

Full Life is honored to serve a broad spectrum of clients and families, and we are committed to providing some reduced-fee counseling services, thanks to our partnerships with area graduate schools and the Open Path Collective.

Graduate Student Counselors

We are highly selective when considering graduate student applicants for practicum or internship experiences. Each graduate student has not only completed extensive coursework to prepare them for independent (but clinically supervised) counseling, but we have additional expectations beyond formal training. Like all clinicians at Full Life, our graduate student counselors bring their own relevant life experiences that enhance their skills and commitment to our clients. 

While we do not provide individual counseling services for free, the Client Services Representative collaborates with clients and the Clinical Director to determine ability to pay $10-$60 per session.


Open Path Collective Referrals

Several Full Life counselors participate in the Open Path Collective, a non-profit organization that links those seeking reduced fee counseling services with participating counselors around the country. To be referred to Full Life by Open Path, potential clients complete an application and pay an annual fee of $59/year to demonstrate willingness to invest in themselves. Callers to Full Life seeking “sliding scale” or “reduced fee services” will be referred to join Open Path, select their Full Life counselor, and call back with the Open Path referral number. Rates for Open Path clients range from $30-$60 per session. 

Hosted Support Groups

The following mutual aid groups are hosted at Full Life but are not affiliated with Full Life. We love our space and want to share it with groups that are bringing comfort and hope to those in need.

Recovery Dharma
In an effort to continue to fully support and empower the recovery community in Winston-Salem, Recovery Dharma meetings are hosted at Full Life on Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30pm in the Main Conference Room, on the right, straight back from the lobby. While traditional 12 step programs are the solution for many people who are willing and able to apply the 12 steps in their lives, other programs like Recovery Dharma offer alternative paths to recovery. Full Life Counseling endorses all paths to recovery and acknowledges that what works for one person may not work for another. Recovery Dharma offers hope to those suffering from addiction in a mutually supportive atmosphere of compassion, kindness and acceptance
12-Step Meeting
Respecting the 4th, 6th and 11th Tradition of all 12-step fellowships, Full Life does not identify the specific meeting that is hosted, but we want the community to know that traditional recovery support services are available here. This open, non-smoking meeting for both men and women meets on Thursdays, 9:30-10:30pm in the Main Conference Room, on the right, straight back from the Lobby.
Caduceus Meetings
Because Full Life provides comprehensive assessment, individual therapy and relapse prevention groups for professionals monitored by the NC Physicians Health Program and other PMOs, it just made sense for Full Life to host Caduceus, the mutual support meeting for healthcare professionals. This meeting is closed and only appropriate for healthcare professionals. Confidentiality concerns are greater for this clientele, therefore meeting details are generally not made public for this meeting. For information about this meeting, please call 336-923-7426, ext 0.

Referrals for Services We Do Not Offer

Full Life is not the best fit for everyone, but we still want to provide support to as many people as we can. Sometimes the best way for us to do that is to provide information about services elsewhere. We are not a Medicaid or Medicare provider, but we can direct you to those who are. We cannot identify which programs are in-network with your insurance company though. We do not provide residential treatment or sober living, but we can tell you which programs we most frequently recommend. We provide DWI assessments, but not ADETS/Prime for Life, but we can tell you which providers we recommend.

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