Cathey Floyd, MA, LCMHC

“Learn to listen to your inner voice. Listen to your heart. It’s your connection to God, to people, to the universe, and to yourself.” –Melody Beattie


This quote from Melody Beattie conveys the essence of our counseling relationship. My goal is to create a safe and positive environment allowing you an opportunity to explore and grow in self-awareness as you learn more about how to identify new strategies and cope with your circumstances in healthy ways. I believe in the power of individuals to change as they work toward common goals with their therapist, drawing upon person-centered and cognitive behavioral approaches.

I love working with individuals, couples and families who have experienced loss of loved ones, substance use disorders, life transitions such as divorce and career changes, aging, stress, anxiety, and depression.

I also offer counseling for children ages 5-12, who are learning to cope with anxiety, depression, life transitions, relationship issues, and school challenges.

It takes a great deal of courage to make the decision to pursue counseling. While life changes may seem overwhelming when faced alone, they can become more manageable when you collaborate with a counselor. When I first reached out to a counselor myself, I admit that I was scared and uncomfortable, but after engaging in the process, my life slowly began to change. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you to explore how your life can slowly begin to change too.

My experience working with interdisciplinary teams as a substance use counselor within a hospital and as a hospice bereavement counselor have allowed me the unique opportunity to walk with adults and children who were facing the most difficult times of their lives. Working in the hospital setting also allowed me to learn first-hand the stressors faced by doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers. In both settings I came to appreciate that companioning the bereaved, discussing difficult topics that often arise unexpectedly after a death, walking alongside loved ones who struggle with addiction, and processing intense feelings are key to moving forward and learning to live a life filled with joy and meaning.

I am a graduate of Appalachian State University and Lenoir-Rhyne University, and I am credentialed as a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and an associate Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist. In addition to my work with Full Life, I am also a parent consultant working with to provide education, consultation, and support for parents on the journey from addiction to sustainable recovery for their entire family.

My goal is to create a safe and positive environment allowing you an opportunity to explore and grow in self-awareness as you learn and apply new strategies that help you cope in healthy ways. I believe you have the power to change as you collaborate and allow others to help you achieve your goals. Working together, we will approach the issues you are facing from a holistic perspective, looking at the physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and social responses to help you move forward.

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