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COVID-19 Update

Hopefully the worst of the pandemic is now behind us, but Full Life remains committed to the health, safety and well-being of all our clients and our team at Full Life. We all learned a lot about our ability to adapt to telehealth technology, and some clients and clinicians have elected to continue relying on Zoom technology for counseling. All Full Life team members have been fully vaccinated and boosted, and we encourage our clients to do the same. We appreciate that there are some for whom...

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Who knew essential oils could be a valuable tool in recovery?

BY GINNY MILLS, CLINICAL DIRECTOR AUGUST 14, 2019 Let's face it. Many of us are prone to categorize recovery tools into one of three categories – mutual support-based recovery, counseling-based recovery, and medication-assisted recovery. The chasm between those schools of thought is sometimes wide, and often the fiercely held perspectives are usually based on firsthand experience or research findings. Yet in all the hullabaloo about that debate, it's easy to forget that there can be many more...

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Mindfulness, Meditation and DBT: A Path Towards Recovery

BY JIMMY TUNSTALL AUGUST 26, 2016 About 4 years into my sobriety I became bored. Although I considered my 12-step program to be strong, something was missing. I was attending meetings, working with a sponsor and doing everything I knew to do, yet I was dry. My Spiritual life was on hold and my luster for life had become dull, flat and boring. After attending a weekend convention I called my sponsor to ask for his guidance. "Something doesn't feel right" I said. "I don't know what it is, but I...

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About Our Practice

In addition to substance use and recovery-related services, Full Life offers counseling for issues as diverse as anxiety, depression, sexuality, spirituality, grief, life transitions, and marital and couples challenges. Clinicians use a variety of techniques to address these, including, but not limited to EMDR, brainspotting, equine-assisted psychotherapy, somatic experiencing, ExRP,  Internal Family Systems, and DBT. Other staff additions have allowed us to broaden our scope to provide care for those seeking a deeper spiritual life, healing and connections in the area of sexuality in recovery, chronic pain and trauma work.

Fees & Insurance

Clinical staff bill according to their credentials and experience using a tier system. Please review the Fee Schedule and/or Staff pages for more information. Some counselors’ services may be eligible for insurance reimbursement, while others’ services are not reimbursable. This information is also posted in the Full Life lobby.

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