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About Us

In addition to substance use and recovery-related services, Full Life offers counseling for issues as diverse as anxiety, depression, sexuality, spirituality, grief, life transitions, and marital and couples challenges. Clinicians use a variety of techniques to address these, including, but not limited to EMDR, hypnosis, and DBT. Other staff additions have allowed us to broaden our scope to provide care for those seeking a deeper spiritual life, healing and connections in the area of sexuality in recovery, chronic pain and trauma work.

Founded in 2008, Full Life began as a practice devoted to those affected by drugs or alcohol. Early on, Founder Ginny Mills, observed several families whose need for services was tragically complicated by their intense need for personal privacy. As they loved and tried to support the person in their families affected by alcohol or drugs, they did so in silence and virtually alone. Ginny sought to develop pre-treatment and aftercare services to support individuals and families achieve their own definition of “a full life” with the belief that a full life is achieved when our lives are free from addiction, despair and fear.

Fellow clinicians who shared that passion began to find their way to Full Life and more services were added. Full Life began offering relapse prevention services, recovery coaching, sober transport and, from 2013-2016, sober living services. Core services such as assessments, Love First-model interventions, parent support and recovery counseling services continue to this day, and they are complemented by a host of non-substance-related services to meet a variety of other needs.

Recovery coaching and sober transport are services that are new ideas to many in our area. We help those who need recovery learn what it really means to create a lifestyle of recovery. Whether it’s providing sober transport to admit to treatment, answering questions about 12-step recovery, accompanying clients to their first local AA/NA/DAA meetings, exploring non-12-step approaches to recovery, or being a sober companion through especially challenging times, recovery support services are an important complement to Full Life’s clinical programming.

Today, Full Life is best described as a team of passionate professionals, each dedicated to supporting our clients in one or more very distinctive niches. We operate with many shared values, a strong commitment to offering high-quality clinical services, and doing the work that makes our hearts sing. Remember that not everyone who is served by Full Life is affected by substance, so getting help here doesn’t imply that your issues are related to drugs or alcohol either.

No organization can survive without a strong administrative team to help handle all the details of scheduling, fees, insurance questions, superbills, finances and day-to-day operations. Our office manager and our client services representatives are affectionately referred to as “Cat Herders” for the Full Life team, but just like our clinical staff, their real passion is helping our clients.

That really is what it is all about. Offering hope, guidance, support and creating community in all that we do.

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